The Roman Historical Group manages the Roman Legionary Museum, for which activities he was awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic and hosts every year beyond 10.000 visitors.


The Roman Historical Group organizes educational events dedicated to the History and Civilization of the Ancient World all over the world, collaborating with the most important historical festivals.

Our re-enactments are more than just shows: they are open windows onto a forgotten world. As the sun sets and the modern lights dim, the Roman Historical Group lights up the squares with flaming torches, immersing all the present an atmosphere of mystery and wonder. The sounds of advancing martial legions and conversations in the ancient tongue fill the air, and even the gods of the Pantheon seem to return to reside in the majestic reconstructions.

In a world that sometimes seems to rush towards the future without looking back, the Roman Historical Group acts as a time portal, with the power to connect us to an ancient and fascinating Rome. Their mission is an ode to informed research and vibrant education, offering a bright reflection of days gone by, so that we can walk forward with a greater understanding of the path that brought us to today's world.