Project Dates: Dal 18 al 21 April 2024

Circus Maximus and Main Streets of Rome (Via dei Fori Imperiali, Capitol, Pantheon Square)

Planned Activity:

  • Shows and re-enactments: Everyday, dal 18 al 21 April, the Circus Maximus will be the stage for engaging shows, ritual re-enactments, historical events and ancient battles.
  • Educational camps at the Circus Maximus: They will be set up “Educational Camps”, with educational desks dedicated to re-enactment and social aspects, military, religious and cultural aspects of Ancient Rome. The spaces will be open to the public, in particular to schools and enthusiasts, offering a deep immersion in the history of Rome for free.
  • Historical Parade of 21 April: The culmination of the project will be the great historical parade, who will see further 2000 re-enactors show off historical clothing through the city streets.
  • Conferences and Meetings: Everyday, since the afternoon, meetings with writers and publishing houses in the sector are planned. Furthermore, this year, the meetings will also be open to the category “Social”, with YouTubers and disseminators from the world of Social Networks.
  • Gladiator Games: A real Gladiator Games tournament where schools of Gladiators from beyond will compete 12 different nations.