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Are you a fan of the History of Rome and especially the exploits of Roman Legions ?

Do you want to finally feel the emotions of what it means to wear the uniform of the Legionnaire, the lorica segmented bring the gladius , the scutum and the pilum , practice as miles , making life as castrum , march in the parade, learn the techniques of combat and put into practice all what you have so far only read about in books or seen the movies?

Want to feel part of the Gruppo Storico Romano getting into the spirit of the body which distinguishes each cuntubernium Legion XI Claudia?
So, enrolled in the XI LEGIO Clavdia PIA FIDELIS !

Who has been in the history of the Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis?
This glorious legion was established by Julius Caesar in 58 BC, with the name of Legio XI, to conduct the campaign against the Helvetii, along with the twelfth legion. Then it was used for the wars in Gaul, taking part in the siege of Alesia, where he was finally defeated and captured Vercingetorix. He followed Caesar in the Civil War against Pompey, taking part in the battles of Pharsalus and Dyrrhachium with the disastrous defeat of Pompey. After the death of Caesar, the legion was dissolved and reconstituted by Octavian. With these took part in the battle of Philippi (against Brutus and Cassius , the assassins of Caesar) and participated in the Battle of Actium, where the future Emperor defeated the fleet of Mark Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BC. In 42 A.D. while he was in Dalmatia along with Legio VII suppressed the revolt of the Governor Scriboniano against the Emperor Claudius, and for this reason the two legions gave the name of Claudia et Pia Fidelis, or faithful and loyal to Claudius. During the Wars of succession to the Principality (68-69) before he sided with Otho and then with the future Emperor Vespasiano victorious siege of Cremona which gave the latter the throne of Rome.
In the following year, under the command of General Ceriale suppressed the revolt of Julius Civil Gaul.
In the future fought with Domitian and Trajan against the Chatti in the Dacian wars, commanded by Septimius Severonelle battles of Issus and the siege of Byzantium in Asia and finally conquered the capital of the Kingdom of Parthia , Ctesiphon.
The castrates known of the XI Claudia in Dalmatia (Burnum), in Upper Germany in Vindonissa and until the end of the empire for centuries in Moesia Inferior 4 to Durostorum, in today’s Bulgaria.

Who are we looking for?
Surely people who first and foremost have a passion for history, with particular interest in that of Rome, who want to fit into a context of friends, who carefully and meticulously studying all aspects of the life of the Legionnaires, and then reconstruct faithfully armor, weapons, orders in Latin, clothing, combat tactics, exercises and life of the castrum.

How are we organized?
Of course, as part of the legions of the imperial period the tasks are well defined: the control of Centuria has been entrusted to Centurio Pilus Prior, assisted by the Optio and Tesserarius .
Simultaneously there are the bearers, namely the Aquilifer, the vexillarius, the Imagifer and Signifer of Centuria.
We are divided, for the moment, in 4 Contubernia, but we expect to be able to increase it. All legionnaires enrolled course will be part of a contubernium.

What can we do together?
For more than 10 years of activity in the  HISTORICAL ROMAN GROUP, the Legion has about 40 actual legionnaires, participating in many types of events, namely:

Celebrating Christmas in Rome
military parades
armed escorts
Fields (Castra)
Using war machines
Fighting and training to the launch of pilot
teaching Activities
Pledge of Allegiance to the Legion and the Emperor (Sacramentum)
Evolutions of defense and attack, such as the testudo, the acierum mutatio, the attack line and wedge, protection and defense of the Banner and others.
When we meet and we train?
The legionaries meet every Thursday evening at the headquarters of the GSR in Via Appia Antica n . 18 from 19.00 until late at night to perform various activities, which in principle are:

  • participate in the COURSE FOR LEGIONARI, where lectures are held (include: the behavior in the office, at events and in the fields , as the dress uniform, and how to handle the equipment, the operational theory on the formation of the deployment, execution orders to stop, running, and defense of the figures of attack and military events, and the history and constitution of the Roman legion, the story of the Legio XI Claudia PF ; notions of Latin aimed at understanding orders) and practical lessons (include practical training in civilian clothes in tune with operational theory; fighting techniques, the assembly and dismantling of the camps, the operational techniques of field, with the use of war machines and the use of instruments field);
  • plan, organize and make arrangements for the demonstrations to do in the short term;
  • discuss various issues related to the activities and organization of the Legio XI Claudia PF;
  • presentation, by any shareholde,r of any topics of interest of the Roman legion or the world of ancient Rome according to his knowledge;
  • participate, optionally, the convivial dinner in the triclinium of the GSR.

When we train in uniform?
The legion , fully clothed and armed , is trained monthly on the first Sunday of the month from 9 am to about 12, typically along the Via Appia Antica, usually surrounded by spectators, locals and tourists, amazed and fascinated! At the approach of the Great Parade, organized by the GSR as part of celebrations for Christmas in Rome with the participation of other groups reenactment Italians and foreigners, the exercises will be more frequent.

What are the requirements?
In addition to the above, the age limit for the recruitment of legionnaires ranging from 17 years to 50 years. About exceed this limit may become part of the group instead of the Senators of the GSR. Is particularly appreciated the recruitment of a doctor, who could become the Medicus Legio XI Claudica PF. Equally pleasing was the enlistment of people accustomed to playing wind instruments, for the roles of cornicen and Tubicen.

How much is the commitment required?
Who joins the Legion XI Claudica PF is first shot, or recruit, just as it was in the Roman legions. Once you have played the course the recruit will be submitted to the oath ceremony is very impressive, that the Sacramentum, in which the signaculum will receive a medal, with which the shot becomes Miles Legionarius.
Even before becoming in effect a Legionnaire, the shot, if deemed suitable to be deployed thanks to the training already completed, will still participate in all the events of the Legion.
The time to devote to these activities is of course optional. However, consistent with the demands of work, study or private, to everyone’s request the fullest possible participation in the activities.
It should be emphasized that the more you train, the more you become capable, talented and disciplined in executing orders during the demonstrations, which gives more attraction for the audience, prestige throughout the Legio XI Claudica PF and the GSR, and greater satisfaction with the legionnaires, proponents of the same events.

Contact us for enrollment :
– OmeroChiovelli , e- mail: omero.chiovelli@alice.it   / / Mob. 348.0098379
– Home of the G.S.R. the number 06.51607951