Tourism, defined in recent years as the “industry experience” includes a wide range of activities that are based on composite and varied experience, the result of practical but also of feelings and emotions. The birth of the “new tourism” leads to the formulation of a specific tourist demand and away from classical models is not always an adequate response to the new requirements


The new generation of tourists feel part of modern communities, emotional, often born from a passion or a common experience shared, no longer content to visit the beautiful containers that tell the story and imagine the experience, but want to give a value to the experience, so live it and prove emotions. From the fascinating history of ancient Rome The ArcheoCastrum is a “gateway” to a journey through history and myth through experimental archeology, a journey that takes place through scenic locations, in an emotional journey and cross the time created with the objective to surprise, entertain and learn through objects, situations, and games.


The visitor pays an entrance fee, enter the Park to watch the shows, to visit and use the facilities available and may participate in the proposed activities. It ‘dressed in a simple tunic worn directly on the clothes. May acquire assets, spend the attractions, meals and drinks for a fee The Guest book your stay at the hotel and staying there for the duration of your choice. Pay and lives in Castrum differently depending on the character you want to play. It comes with everything you need (clothes, armor, boots, etc..) And will follow the daily schedule of services.


Course gladiatura: visitors will

be taught the use of the sword,

using the rudis (wooden sword)


Course Dances:

visitors will be taught the

basic steps of oriental dance

and Roman


Course theater: using some

masks will study the techniques

of mimearcheo6

Games of Ancient Rome series of

amusing pastimes where

everyone can play



Gladiators fighting

individuals or groups

give you the emotion


Military forms of

legionnaires group

of legionaries engaged

with the various forms

of attackand defense

(tortoise, wedge,

wall, etc.)archeo9

Dances: you can watch

the most beautiful

dances eastern and

western eraarcheo10

Pagan Rites: the

Confarreatio, the

Palilia and Ignis

Vesta by the Vestals,

the Honesta Missio

 by the Praetorian Guar     archeo11