The experience consists in living for a few days in a Roman camp. Sleeping in a tent, eating like the ancient Romans, compete in tests of skill, all under the watchful eye of members of the Gruppo Storico Romano.

Requirements: spirit of sacrifice, full cooperation and socialization among the participants. Minimum 15 participants.

Gruppo Storico Romano castrum5

The standard program, which can be modified and agreed with the applicant,  of the life in the campincludes:

Day 1:

– Departure in the morning by bus to the chosen location;

– Lunch;

– Accommodation in tents;

– Delivery clothing and materials;

– Dinner;

– Evening entertainment with Roman games (tabule, roman numerals, etc.).


Day 2

– Wake up and breakfast;

– Test run with orientation with daylight;

– Lunch;

– Training with spear, sword and shield (techniques of attack and defense);

– Dinner;

– Evening entertainment;


Day 3

– Wake up and breakfast;

– Tests of skill in teams of ancient Rome (construction of a bridge, donning a legionnaire, installation of sudes, etc.).

– Lunch;

– Ability tests (2nd part);

– Dinner

Day 4

– Wake up and breakfast;

– Tournament among the participants;

– Lunch;

– Delivery certificates and awards;

– Back home.

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Toilets and showers are available for participants. The clothing, equipment, food and organization are organized by the Gruppo Storico Romano.


General rules:

– There is no different treatment for men and women;

– Within the field are prohibited anachronistic objects (watches, phones, etc.).

– Camp activities are carried out under the sole discretion of the Prefect Castrorum (a member of the GSR);

– Each participant must provide for their own needs.