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26 Giugno 2015 @ 16:30 - 29 Giugno 2015 @ 14:00


For the First Edition of

ABRITUS Historical Festival

26 – 28 June 2015


26th of June /Friday/


up to 16,30                                                    Arrival of the groups at the military camp.

Polygon “Roman Camp”                               Preparation for the groups’ Parade;

Lapidarium                                                    The settling of the craftsmen and a start of

Museum’s park                                             the Crafts Fair along the alleys

of the Lapidarium;

18,15 h.                                                          Positioning of the groups in front of the

the ground in front                                        Interactive museum – the starting point

of the Interactive                                           for the Parade;



18,30 h.                                                          Abritus offers to Rome the key of its gates;

Interactive museum                                       Grand opening of the renovated site;


19,00 h.                                                          Group’s Parade.

Interactive museum-

Arena „Teatron”


20,00 h.                                                          Opening of the historical festival:

Arena „Teatron”                                            Selection of the Priestess, patroness of Abritus;                                                                      Auspices: A ritual with bird augury and ritual

lighting of the campfires; The mayor of Razgrad                                                                     announces the opening of the First edition of                                                                   “Abritus” Historical Festival;


around 20,30 h.                                              “Abritus” – Hrysgrad – Razgrad”:

Dance performance by Kapanski ensemble –






27th of June /Saturday/


10,00 h.                                                          The legacy of Abritus: Demonstrations of crafts

Lapidarium                                                    at the Crafts Fair;

Museum’s park


“Ancient medicine”                                      Demonstrations of Roman medicine and

Tent                                                                pharmacy; board games;


11,00 – 12,30 h.                                             Treasure hunters (activities for children);

Museum’s park –

Ancient town


15,00 – 16,00 h.                                             School for young warriors.

Polygon “Roman Camp”                               Roman kitchen: demonstrations and tastings

of food and wine;

16,00 – 17,00 h.                                             Pentatlon: Roman games.

Priestess, patroness of Abritus crowns the winner;


17,00 h.                                                          Demonstration of ancient clothes;                Dance performance by “Gruppo Danze Antiche”                                                                         Dance performance by “Gruppo Danze Antiche”                                                                       from Italy: Roman dances and belly dances;

Military demonstrations by the groups:

fighting techniques, military formation

and others;


20,30 h.                                                          Arena of the centuries:

Villa Urbana                                                  Dance performance by “Gruppo Danze Antiche”                                                                       from Italy: Roman dances and belly dances;

Egyptian dance;

Roman wedding by “Abritus” Group;

The magic of fire by “Vakali” Group;



28th of June /Sunday/


10,00 – 12,00 h.                                             Treasure hunters (activities for children);

Ancient town


11,00 – 12,00 h.                                             The legacy of Abritus:

Interactive museum                                       Mosaics arrangements, coinage and others;

                                                                       closing of the Festival; A farewell walk;


26 Giugno 2015 @ 16:30
29 Giugno 2015 @ 14:00


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